Tempest: Shards of the Gods

“Fort” by Warrick Wong

Tempest: Shards of the Gods is a deck-building strategy game. On each turn, players gain a resource called “æther” (the air of the gods) by discarding cards from their hand. Æther can then be spent to play cards from their deck, charge up cards in play, and invest in Tale cards to improve their decks. Researching one of these Tales allows players to add the characters, events and artefacts from that mythological or historical story to their forces.

Since every card can be discarded for æther, players must choose what is valuable to play, to keep for later, and to discard.

Troops advance through territory in a back and forth game of tug-of-war, advancing to conquer new territory or retreating to defend their own.

Tempest is currently undergoing playtesting and is commissioning illustrations for the 100+ unique cards it will contain. More information will be available soon regarding playtesting of this game.

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