Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares

A press-your-luck dice game of nightmares for 2 to 4 players.

You are a dreamer, able to draw power from the world of dreams, but also haunted and hunted by the shadows that live there. To escape, you must roll dice to steal the power of dreams. But you must be wary! The same dreams that bring salvation also bring the attention of the Nightmares to you.

Collect too many of one colour and you will find yourself becoming a Nightmare – fated to consume the dreams of your former allies. Become the most powerful Nightmare and you can still win.

Because at the end of each game, everybody is either a Nightmare … or has been eaten by one.

If you like dice games with a mix of press-your-luck and skill, or if you like games that explore the darker side of reality, dreamscapes and scary monsters, you will like Lucidity. With a bit of “take that” and a whole lot of dice collection, you can play the game however you like. Be reckless, become a Nightmare and gain points attacking other players; or play cautious, and seek out and collect only those dreams that are most useful to you. But do it quickly, because others are coming for you.


Each copy of Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares comes with:

  • 80 dice (20 in 4 different colours)
  • 5 nightmare cards
  • 4 player boards
  • 4 summary cards
  • 4 glass markers
  • 1 bag
  • 1 rulebook

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How to Play:

Dice are drawn randomly from the bag over the course of the game and collected on your dreamer card. Every turn, you will have to be tactical about which dreams you roll, which you return, and which you manipulate, to beat the odds and escape from the nightmares. Or … become a Nightmare and hunt your friends, feeding on their dreams and winning the game by becoming the most powerful baddie remaining.

Push your luck to roll more dreams, or play it safe and keep control over your card. Without dreams, you cannot win. But without control, you risk becoming what you fear most. Unless that is your plan.

Click here to read the rulebook.

Or let the Rules Girl talk you through how to play in less than 4 minutes:

More information:

Lucidity funded on Kickstarter on 18 July 2017, raising AU$170,000. If you are interested in the campaign or updates, they are all freely available through that link.

If you want to try it right now, a digital version is available free on your web browser through Tabletopia below!


During the Kickstarter campaign, three expansions for Lucidity were unlocked: the Bone Hunters, Dreamscapes, and Manifestations. These are available on the BGG website, along with the rulebook at the link below:

Click here for the Lucidity De-lux Edition rulebook.